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La sérénité...

« Trop de repos n'a jamais fait mourir personne. » Tristan Bernard

1. What is serenity for you?

What is serenity? So it is a state of being calm and peaceful.

2. The moments you feel serenity…

One of them is definitely when I’m on my yoga mat; when I am practicing my rituals, as well as teaching… Another one is, for sure, when I am in nature. It’s very important for me to practice grounding, to be barefoot in the grass, to go into the woods and appreciate the power of what nature has to offer.
And when I don’t have that space, as I live in the city, I spend it with my plants. So I do open gardening. I think those probably are the most frequent states.
Of course, there are also memorable moments… I’m a mum of two kids, so motherhood comes with these fluctuations of emotions and sometimes it is… very beautiful sensation of serenity.

3. What pushed you to serenity?

I needed to find it when I was going through big life changes. With that, came a lot of strong emotions, and with strong emotions comes a lot of insecurity. It was destabilizing. So, when I was there, I needed to find the serenity. It was really an anchor that I needed to create for myself.

4. Where do you find it?

Every morning I do, what I call the “pijama yoga”, which I’ve started sharing actually with clients, because it’s so empowering. It’s just 30 minutes a day. I do that every day. It is with breath work, meditation, yin yoga… I incorporate it with aroma therapy. So every day, I create that space. And if my mind is really busy, I’m always with my pen and paper, in order to release.
I love “5Rhythms” dance methods. I love singing, even if I don’t sing very well…
Actually, finding serenity by doing what you love, and being really present in that moment, I think it’s the best way.
Because forcing serenity, it’s not gonna happen, right?


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